The Top Five Poker Hands

Poker is a card game that requires players to make decisions based on probability. The highest ranking poker hand is called the four of a kind. Other poker hands include the straight flush, gutshot, and three of a kind. A straight flush is five cards in a row with the same suit. A gutshot is a pair of cards with another pair of a different rank.

Four of a kind is the highest-ranking poker hand

Four of a kind is the highest-ranked poker hand in a game of cards. It is composed of four cards of the same rank. While suits play a small role in ranking hands, rank is the most important aspect. So, a player with a Four of a Kind hand has a higher chance of winning than anyone else.

Three of a kind with a pair

Three of a kind is a powerful poker hand. It consists of three cards of the same rank, plus one hole card, and one community card. When two or more players have three of a kind, the winner is the one with the highest kicker. This is a powerful hand, but a player should guard against trips if they are holding a pair of aces.

Straight flush Five cards in a sequence, all in the same suit

A straight flush is a sequence of five cards of the same suit starting with an Ace. The hand can be of any suit or rank, and there are 40 ways to start the sequence. Having a straight flush is one of the best ways to win a poker game. This hand is the most restive in poker, but also one of the easiest to quantify. To get a straight flush, you need to get the lowest valued card from A to 10 and then five cards in a row from each of the four suits.

Gutshot One pair with another pair of a different rank

The gutshot draw is a possible poker combination. It consists of two pairs of the same rank that need one card to complete an inside straight. The gutshot draw is considered a good hand if the flop has a high card, but it is not always the best hand in the game.

Dealer button

When playing poker, there are many ways to interact with the dealer button. Some players treat it like a toy, scooting it from hand to hand, and others use it as a protective card holder. If you are unsure about how to handle the dealer button, you can read tips for dealing with it or call the dealer to explain your actions.

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