Online Poker and the Online Lottery – The Lowdown on the Top States to Play in

There are many online poker sites and some states have a few. West Virginia is one of them and they aren’t the only ones. Tennessee has been on a roll despite a ten percent hold requirement. The best part is there are several legal options for gamers in the state.

The legal gambling scene in West Virginia is a smorgasbord of casinos, sports betting, bingo, and poker. Some sites are even linked to the state’s commercial casinos, making for some convenient game play. However, if you are looking for some real Vegas style action, you might have to venture to the neighboring states. Here is the lowdown on the top states to play in.

While the state of Maryland has a few legal gambling sites, you’ll have to venture far and wide to find them. Several major cities have a few options to choose from. You’ll also find a few in-state venues to play at, including the new Maryland Live Casino. A couple of the smaller venues have been in business for years and are well worth the trek. Likewise, you’ll have to venture out of the city to find the big boys, but if you are looking to play the game on your desktop, you’re in luck.

A number of sites have claimed to be the state’s largest poker site, but this claim is a bit of a reach. However, one of the sites in the state is the largest of its kind, boasting some of the most affluent players in the industry.

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